Going Forward

Hello friends,

These past few months have been… well, a lot of things.

New. Exciting. Hectic. Depressing. Wonderful. Anxiety-provoking. Rewarding. Beautiful. Ugly. Holy.

I’ve been stretched in ways I never though possible, done things on a regular basis that I had never imagined, and become “comfortably uncomfortable” with where I live and the kind of work I do.

How appropriate that today, the desktop background on my work computer changed to this:


Unfortunately, I have been majorly slacking on updating this blog with the happenings of all things YAV, things both wonderful and challenging. Hopefully, that changes today.

Here’s the plan:

Over the next couple weeks or so, I’ll publish “digests” from each month. Starting with October 2014, these will include highlights, events, funny moments, challenges, and lots of pictures.

I’ll also write about some specific tenets of this program that have become important to me or integral to how we as a community function- examples include church (that’ll be a big one), work, and riding the CTA (that’s Chicago Transit Authority, for the less public transit-savvy).

I’m also trying a new twist on an old idea this year- it’s called Project 365. The idea is pretty simple- take one picture a day, every day, for one year. I’ve been using Instagram to do this, but I’ll start posting these daily photos here also- retroactive to January 1. (Shameless plug: if you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is @mackintosh716.)

Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for your continued support.




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