#Project365MB: January 25-31 & February 1-7

January 25: Best friend from Buffalo comes to visit? Go to the Bills backer bar, of course. (That would be Lincoln Station, if you’re curious)

SO thrilled to have my best friend @meghanisajoke visiting Chicago for a couple days! #gobills

January 26: My roommate Teresa’s birthday. We went to a restaurant called the Longman & Eagle, where we tried such adventurous dishes as braised duck, roasted cauliflower and beet lentils, and fried goat ravioli. Oh yeah, and instead of cake, they gave her a shot of bourbon with a candle in it for her birthday. Happy birthday indeed.

Happy birthday @treezie126! #thatsmyroommate #birthdayshots

January 27: Spent the day in Wicker Park with Meghan, went to Transit Tees, ate delicious tacos and drank beers with hot sauce and lime at Big Star, took an adventure to O’Hare.

But I can’t stop from just smiling when that damn sun is shining on, hell it’s just shining down all over me. Thanks for hangin with me, @meghanisajoke!

January 28: Bridgeport seems like a neat place.

Hung out into Bridgeport today, super cool place. Reminded me a lot of South Buffalo. Thriving arts scene. Great coffee. And combination liquor store-bars that are next to British pasty shops.

January 29: I can’t even explain why I get so elated when I find myself at a bar that carries Labatts. Also, appropriate t-shirt, no?

Spreading the Buffalove, one @labattusa at a time. #buffalothings

January 30: Selma is an incredibly powerful, moving film that everyone should see.

Went to see Selma for community day. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely should. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” -Winston Churchill

January 31: Wherever you are, there you go.

This year, summed up in one sentence.

February 1: Super Bowl Super Blizzard Sunday. Apparently the fifth-largest blizzard in Chicago’s history.

So it snowed a little bit in Chicago… And in a total Buffalo moment, we helped push someone out that was stuck in the snow! Say what you want about winter, but cold fosters community.

February 2: Groundhog day, Grandma’s birthday. I love this picture of my Grandma, my Aunt Marjie, me, and my Mom.

Happy birthday Grandma, on what would be your 86th birthday. Love and miss you every day.

February 3: Trains and city.

Views from an overpass. (@Ashland [CTA Green/Pink Lines])

February 4: “Dibs” is serious business in Chicago.

One of the strangest things about Chicago in the winter is the concept of “dibs.” When it snows, people will shovel out a parking spot and then leave chairs, crates, ironing boards, even giant stuffed teddy bears or floor lamps in their parking spot to save it. But the craziest part is that people actually respect this and won’t park there if it isn’t their spot. Nowhere else would this work. Ever.

February 5: The overpass that leads to the Kedzie-Homan blue line station entrance.

View most mornings before getting on the train, view most nights after getting off the train.

February 6: Sunset in East Garfield Park.

View out my bedroom window.

February 7: Community Organizing Training.

Spent most of the weekend with these folks participating in a Community Organizing Training put together by the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.